Scott Wolfe's farm planning process is intensive. We look at the big picture and everything in between, providing our clients with valuable insight into the optimal operation of their farm enterprise. By analyzing the operation and developing detailed plans focused on risk management, we help clients make informed decisions regarding the development of their business, as well as achieve reduced costs and increased profits.

Our services are aimed at farms that have achieved success, but are looking for ways to further reduce costs and increase revenues. By thinking like a business and using Scott Wolfe's farm business planning services, our clients can look forward to a better future.

Benchmark Comparisons

Our sizeable database of benchmark information allows our team to make an accurate revenue, cost, and profitability comparison of each farm operation with other like-businesses. This analysis provides an objective and measurable profile of the farm's operation.

Integrated Business Analysis

We analyze the farm management's methods of cost control, input use, and record keeping, and make insightful suggestions for growth. Scott Wolfe uses an integrated series of analyses for more informed decision-making, reduced costs and increased profits.

Tax Planning & Management

Our team can provide corporate tax planning for a tax-efficient business structure. Scott Wolfe takes an innovative approach to tax planning, taking into account all factors - present and future - to minimize tax costs and maintain operational efficiency.

Personal Investment Planning

There's an old belief that the best way to make money in farming is to sell the farm. Scott Wolfe clients would definitely disagree. By diversifying investments away from the farm and incorporating long-term planning, our personal investment planning services ensure that while our clients are working the farm, their money is working for them.

Business and Operational PlanningTeam Members

Kimberly Dufaj, CPA, CFP
Financial Advisor

Brad Sarna, CFP, CLU
Financial Advisor

Alex Stewart
Financial Advisor