Scott Wolfe works hard to develop comprehensive, long-term financial plans for our valued clients. Whether it is a mature family making decisions on how the capital from a business sale will affect their retirement, to a young family making their first RRSP or TFSA contribution, a prudently structured investment plan to ensure their money is invested in a smart, safe and tax efficient manner is required. Our philosophy is simple - avoiding permanent losses is essential to investment success.

A typical client will bring us their investment statements from various institutions for review. We will review what our clients own (number of businesses, types of bonds, cash holdings, etc), discuss why they own it, and outline the fees that they are paying for management of their accounts. We come up with alternatives that will concentrate their efforts, (giving them more transparency as to what they own and the rationale), and in most cases reduce their fees - increasing their investment return. When implementing a financial plan, we do support consolidation of assets under our management in order to ensure that the investment plan is aligned with the financial plan, and can be modified as needed in the future.

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