Scott Wolfe works hard to develop comprehensive, short and long-term risk management plans for our valued clients. Young families and business owners require comprehensive insurance solutions to lower their financial risks during their earning years. Mature families require risk management planning in retirement and estate plan scenarios in order to minimize their exposure to tax, and to allow their final wishes to come to fruition for their families. Our most common scenarios involve young business owners, and mature, retiring business owners.

A young business owner usually carries many financial risks. Mortgages and loans, both business and personal, may be insured in the event of death, as could the future income stream lost in the event of the premature death of a spouse. Those who do not have enough capital to cover these costs choose to pass that risk to a third party - an insurance company, where they can get the protection they need for affordable premiums. Young business people also turn to disability and critical illness insurance to protect their ability to earn income in the event of an injury or illness that may keep them from working at their potential.

Retiring business owners and families use risk management techniques in their estate planning scenarios. Those who are passing business assets to a child need to think about equalization of their estates to their non-business children. Tax liabilities at death are often overlooked as part of an estate plan. In many cases, families wish to insure this future liability in order to keep their estate whole.

We support our clients with risk management plans and insurance product solutions utilizing life insurance, disability and critical illness insurance, as well as employee benefit packages to look after key employees and their families. We utilize the top insurance companies in Canada in order to find the right product at the right price.

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