Our business succession planning process strives to meet each family's best interests - maintaining fairness and ensuring the continuity of the business. Succession is one of the most challenging and complex phases in the life of a family-owned business. Often, succession requires reorganization of the business, including technical mechanisms for tax savings and deferrals. Succession planning also includes estate and retirement planning for the family. Fourth quartile life planning is important to ensure the family plans financially for retirement, for possible estate equalization, and for successful business continuation. Family communication is an integral part of the success of intergenerational transfers.

Case Studies

Succession of the Family Business

A client approached us with the challenge of passing the farm on to two farming children. The only payment the client wanted for the farm was adequate retirement funding.
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Business Succession and Intergenerational TransferTeam Members

Kimberly Dufaj, CPA, CFP
Financial Advisor

Brad Sarna, CFP, CLU
Financial Advisor

Alex Stewart
Financial Advisor