About Us

We believe in the business of agriculture

For more than 50 years, Scott Wolfe and its successor firm have provided income tax and management advice to our clients throughout western Canada. The new Scott Wolfe is evolving to meet the demands of our clients and their industry.

Our tax team is dedicated to providing specialized and personalized accounting, tax strategies and business advisory services to our personal and corporate tax clients. As specialists in the field of agriculture and agri-business, we provide exceptional service to our clients and their families. 

Our commitment to expanding our knowledge base and working together with other outside professionals in the legal, human resource and investment professions means we provide a full range of services to meet the needs of our clients.

Young farmer in soybean fields

Who We Serve

We focus on farms and agri-businesses and the families that own and manage them. 

We work with clients during all stages of their lives, from the beginnings of their enterprise, to incorporation, to the succession or sale of their business. Utilizing our team approach to work with other industry professionals, we provide effective personal and corporate tax strategies.

Our Focus

We believe in the business of agriculture

As specialists in the agricultural and agri-business sector, we understand the integral part agriculture plays in the Canadian economy. A successful farm operation involves the hard work and input of all generations involved. It is our goal to support those families by distinguishing ourselves from other accounting firms by committing to the agriculture industry through exceptional service standards and unparalleled expertise.

Growing Your

With effective tax strategies, our clients save more of their income for investment savings, and retain more of their profit to put back into the farm. We provide direction on benefit programs for farmers, assisting in the enrollment of AgriStability and AgriInvest, as well as with private and public crop insurance programs.

Your Wealth

We understand the tax rules as they relate to farms and agribusiness, and we can protect your assets from undue taxation. We walk our clients through various tax reduction tools and strategies, discuss what works best for each client’s situation to protect assets for the long-term, and help implement those strategies for families and businesses such as yours. 

Assets On

Proper estate planning means knowing how to protect assists as much as possible from probate and other taxation costs upon your death. Trust creation, Qualified Farm Property planning for your farm, and other tools can ensure you pass on your assets with as little taxation as possible. We are here to educate and work with our clients to implement these strategies for you and your family.

Building Your
Professional Team

We believe in the team concept and that we are better when we work together; Scott Wolfe consists of a group of professionals with years of experience in personal, estate, trust and corporate tax. Part of our team includes outside professionals, such as tax lawyers and other colleagues, who assist us in providing you with effective advice and strategies for yourself and your business. It is this team approach, along with our experience in the agricultural sector, that provides our clients with the security and understanding of their own financial picture and how their assets will be passed on to future generations.